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Environmental Impact Assessments

Soil Pacific Inc. (SPI) has meticulously crafted a comprehensive and cost-efficient program aimed at delivering multidisciplinary environmental impact assessment services. Our approach streamlines the process by integrating environmental impact assessments seamlessly within our broader suite of services. From site investigations to remedial design, construction, and cleanup, we offer an all-encompassing range of capabilities.

Our team of engineers and scientists possesses the requisite expertise, complemented by cutting-edge resources and technology, to effectively elucidate the physical, chemical, and biological facets of the site's environment. This comprehensive understanding empowers us to establish baseline conditions and evaluate both short-term and long-term effects on human health and the ecosystem. Our suite of services encompasses:

  • Groundwater Contamination Studies: We specialize in characterizing contaminant plumes within groundwater, providing a thorough understanding of their extent and impact.

  • Contaminant Impact Analysis: Through rigorous risk assessments, we evaluate the potential impacts of contaminants, both on public health and the environment.

At SPI, our commitment to delivering an integrated suite of services ensures that our clients benefit from a holistic approach to environmental impact assessment. This approach not only optimizes efficiency but also ensures that environmental considerations are seamlessly woven into every stage of the project lifecycle.

Soil Pacific Inc. (SPI) offers comprehensive Environmental Engineering and Geotechnical Services. We conduct field investigations, ranging from initial observations to detailed remedial inquiries, addressing environmental contamination.
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